Seaweed CSA – Support Our Farms

Get culinary seaweed delivered to your door by supporting our farm and Co-Op.

Annual Support Packages range from $400 to $700

Free Shipping on All Boxes

Free Merch

Free Recipes with Every Box

13 to 16 Pounds of Different Seaweed Varieties. You Get the First Pick!

Commercial Support Packages are Available.

Get a pound of Seaweed per week, and other Vegan Items from the Farm.

12 Week Delivery Window for Most Orders, Less than 1 Week During the Season

CSA Terms and Conditions:

If you have chosen a payment plan, your share spot will be reserved but not be finalized until your last payment due May 1st. Failure to make final payments by May 1st will forfeit your spot.

Why Can’t We Do Refunds?:
When you purchase a CSA you are not just buying produce, you are supporting the small family farm system.  You make chemical-free, sustainable farming possible. Each penny goes to support our farm and family and in turn is converted to sweat, dirt, and occasionally tears. Then, in our turn, we can support your family with beautiful natural produce. By purchasing a share you are also claiming a spot in our CSA which somebody else wanted. The payment is a nonrefundable security deposit to ensure membership goes to those who really want it.  Paying ahead of time for your produce also helps us know how much seed to buy and provides the money to do so.

By purchasing this CSA share you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. If you have any questions about them please contact us before purchasing.

Thank you so much for supporting Cenalga Farms and our family!
You make chemical free, sustainable farming possible. We love growing for you!