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Seaweed is a marine plant, and not an alga, which has roots, stems, leaves, fruits and flowers. It forms meadows between the surface and the up to 60 meters of depth in waters of great quality

Seaweed helps to protect the beaches from erosion by preventing the loss of sand and finally providing the habitat where they feed and reproduce more than 400 species of further marine plants and thousands Species of marine animals.

Therefore, it can be said that the contribution of this species, both to the maintenance of environmental quality and water, and its contribution to the economy of the oceanic archipelago, is vital.

Seaweed plays an important role in the climate. The Spanish marine biologist Carlos Duarte from the Mediterranean Institute of the Balearic Islands on Mallorca (Spain) found out that seagrass beds can store twice as much CO2 as eg. B. an equal area rainforest.

Seaweed as well is a very possible solution for the global plastic crisis!